Download Art of Fresh album for FREE

December 30, 2011

FREE FREE FREE! Now that I’ve got your attention, heres a little something something I KNOW you’ll enjoy! I have a duo I’ve been in for sometime now with long time friend/artist D.O. called The Art of Fresh. It’s a project that was unexpectedly birthed when we started collaborating on tracks back in 2000 (Long before Black Eyed Peas and all the uptempo hiphop/R&B you hear today btw) and just having fun. We were never thinking about “The Industry” or music trends when making this fun uptempo style of music. Our first single was a song called “Get Free”, followed by our second single “Out This World” from our first album “Back to the Earth“. We just recently finished our second album which is called “When the NIght Comes In” and we are happy to inform you that is available for free download! The cool thing about the creation of this album is each song was made in a different part of the world seeing I would bring my equipment with us when we were touring. I can clearly remember making the beat for “Where I Go” as we were driving through Radium Springs in Western Canada in the beautiful Rockies. I remember making the beat for “Alive” in a hotel room in London, England. And probably the most memorable of em all is recording vocals to “Baila” in a crazy beautiful hotel in Kyoto, Japan. (They had a nicely folded, crisply ironed set of PJ’s on your bed awaiting you as you entered, LOL! classy). So I hope you enjoy this album, please share it with anyone you think may like it too. Follow the group on twitter @artoffresh and Facebook


New single “Alive”

August 18, 2010

Yes yall, here is the first single from our upcoming album”When The Night Comes In”

“Lemonade Stand”

August 18, 2010

Forget clockwork, I’ma work the clock!

“Campfire Music”

August 18, 2010

Take the plunge and don’t look back!

“Out This World”

August 18, 2010

Make sure you bring enough gas when you fly to outer space…

“Get Free” video

August 18, 2010

The first Art of Fresh video!

(yes that is Drake making a cameo)